The Running4ReliefAid runners 2019
Anton Frima
 My name is Anton Frima (Dutch, 41) and I emigrated to Canada mid 2016 with my wife and children. Having come from a country without hills or mountains, I soon fell in love with trail running and ran my first ultra of 55km last year at Bromont. This year, I am linking my race again to ReliefAid to contribute their much need work in Syria. Upping both my sportive and fundraising efforts, I have signed up for the 80km trail run. Thanks for your donations for ReliefAid! 

 Brigitte Masse

Bonjour, je suis Brigitte Masse, originaire de Sherbrooke (Qc) et residente de la Nouvelle-Zelande depuis 1995. L’Ultra de Bromont sera ma 7e course ultra distance, mais ma premiere a l’exterieure de la NZ. Je suis excitee a l’idee de participer a ma premiere course en ma terre natale, et plus particulierement de le faire pour supporter ReliefAid, un organisme fonde en Nouvelle-Zelande qui apporte de l’aide humanitaire en Syrie. Votre support avec ma levee de fond est tres apreciee et fera un difference pour de nombreuses familles syriennes toujours deplacees par la guerre civile. Merci a l’avance!

Hi, I am Brigitte Masse, from Sherbrooke (Qc) and a permanent resident of New Zealand since 1995. The Bromont Ultra will be my 7th ultra distance race, but my first one outside of NZ. I am very excited to be running in my birth country, and most importantly to do so whilst supporting ReliefAid, a organisation founded in NZ that provides humanitarian assistance in Syria. Your support with my fund raising is much appreciated and is sure to make a difference from many syrian families displaced by the civil war. Thank you for support!