Hi there!
My name is Anton Frima (Dutch, 40) and I emigrated to Canada mid 2016 with my wife and twin daughters. Leaving the Netherlands behind meant also leaving some sports behind that are less known in the Québec province, such as long-distance speed-skating and field hockey. As the vast nature of Canada offers ample alternatives, I quickly took to cross-country skiing and more recently fell in love with trail running.

Having worked professionally in the field of humanitarian aid for over 9 years with Médecins sans Frontières (MSF / Doctors without Borders), I've developed a great interest and admiration for a variety of humanitarian initiatives. One of them being ReliefAid. Ever since its foundation in 2014 by Mike Seawright, a former MSF colleague with whom I've worked in Pakistan, I've been closely following its activities.

Earlier this year, I decided to raise my personal bar in trail running to focus on an (off-road) ultra-run of 55 kilometers later this year. As I was in close contact with Mike around the same period, putting two and two together quickly made sense.
With your help and support, I aim to raise a sponsor amount of 5.500$ (CAD) which will allow ReliefAid to support over 200 displaced families that have fallen victim to the ongoing Syrian war: a 100$ for every kilometer!

Thank you for your support!

Anton Frima